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Highlights Balayage


Importance of Balayage Highlighting

Balayage is one of the popular styling techniques that avoid using foils. In this technique, your colorist would hand paint the color directly into your hair to create a natural, blended, sun-kissed color. Although Balayage has a soft effect, it allows your colorist to take more control of it, which is essential to create hues inspired by blended drinks such as brown ale and raspberry bourbon.

Modern Art of Hair is known for the best highlights and Balayage in Astoria, Queens. Apart from versatility, our balayage is loved by clients as it not only looks effortless but also relatively easier to maintain as compared to traditional highlights. Whereas traditional highlights may require clients to get a touch-up every six weeks, you stretch the time with Balayage to 12 weeks and longer.

Best hair colors in Astoria Queens

We at Modern Art of Hair offer the best hair colors in Astoria Queens and keep each of our clients trendy. Balayage is popular amongst celebrities for its trendy appearance. It is even popular on Instagram with more than 20 million hashtags. The color we use is of top quality and makes sure that it does not leave your hair dry.

Steps we follow:

Evaluation of Hair
Sectioning and Hand Printing
Sitting Under the Dryer
Apply Protein Treatment
Apply Gloss
Trimming and Blow Drying


We are very visual and would love it if you bring a picture of what are trying to achieve in terms of hairstyling. Each of the team members at Modern Art of Hair promotes such behavior in clients so that we get a clear idea of the look you are planning to get. We would then give you options based on your hair color, condition, and facial features.

Modern Art of Hair is a team of professional coloring and hair experts; so don’t be shy to try someone else. We will not be offended and prefer giving you a diverse experience. Sometimes it is fun to try all before finding your favorite amongst all.

No, it is not necessary. We always shampoo, condition and massage before we do anything with your hair to make them soft and easier to color. People consider us the best hair colorist in Astoria, Queens.

Talk to your favorite stylist at our studio about moving into foils with lots of variation rather than block colors. This will grow out subtly, and you get more time with your colors.