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Botox And Fillers Treatments

Botox and Fillers – Trendy way of getting youthful and beautiful skin

With each passing year, the trend and need of getting cosmetic treatments are increasing. As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2015 around 9 million Botox and fillers treatments were done. People are loving the idea of maintaining the beauty of their skin for many more years. But it is seen that there are still a lot of people who don’t know the difference between Botox and fillers. No doubt, both these are a cosmetic treatment which involves the injections. They are minimally invasive but there is so much more difference involved.

Botox treatment is a purified form of botulinum toxin that comes from bacteria. It helps in blocking the nerve signals of the injected muscles which paralyzes them temporarily. Therefore, it helps in minimizing the appearance of any lines or wrinkles on your face. Whereas, fillers or dermal fillers are soft fillers with ingredients that can add fullness to the face areas such as cheeks, lips, etc.

What can Botox and Fillers correct

What can Botox and Fillers correct?

Botox is known to work on the wrinkles of your face which are the results of muscle movement. They are also termed dynamic wrinkles or expression lines. Most people opt to get Botox to get their upper face treated, for instance, The 11 between your eyebrows, lines in the forehead, or crow’s feet around the eye area. These lines appear because of squinting, frowning, etc. However, Botox doesn’t show any effect on the fine lines caused by sagging and zero plumpness.

On the other hand, fillers are meant to treat the different signs of aging. It works wonders to plump up the thin lips, enhance some areas of your face, remove the minor wrinkles present under your eyes, fill in static wrinkles, or recessed scars, etc. Going for Botox and fillers treatment can correct a lot of your face issues and the results are magnificent.

Things to take care of before getting the Best Botox and Fillers in Astoria Queens

For the past few years, getting Botox and fillers is one of the best and popular aesthetic producers. The reason behind, it offers amazing results, has minimal downtime, involves no side effects if done by professionals and in the right way. Nevertheless, there are still some people who have a lot of questions swirling at the back of their heads related to Botox and fillers.

So, to help you out, here are some of the things which you should ponder upon before getting the Best Botox and Fillers in Astoria Queens

  • Be aware of your injectable – ensure that the doctor you are seeing for your treatment is an official vendor of the substances. If you want to avoid the risk of any expired, contaminated, and dangerous product, etc., a lot of manufacturer’s websites provide a tool to know about every licensed physician in your area.
  • Ensure to take pre-injection precautions – the people with some sort of experience with Botox and fillers know that they should avoid anticoagulants like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. before getting injected. Plus, one should avoid fish oil, green tea, ginger, red wine, multivitamins, etc.
  • Not all fillers are meant for you – avoiding silicone fillers is the best decision you can ever take. They are not FDA-approved and can harm your body. They can’t be metabolized and are permanent as compared to others.


  • Can I get Botox and fillers after getting COVID vaccination?

There are a lot of rumors relating to COVID vaccines and Botox and fillers. There is no official statement by officials to ditch the idea of getting them post-vaccination. But you may face some issues like slight swelling on your face.

  • Which one should I go for, Botox or fillers?

The fillers are more effective than Botox and offer longer results. But, the results may differ depending on the type of filler one choose. In the case of Botox, maintenance treatments are also required.

  • What is the cost of the Best Botox and Fillers in Astoria Queens?

The cost depends on the units you need to get the treatment done. But the average cost of Botox and fillers ranges from $250 to $500.

  • Can Botox prevent wrinkles?

Botox can hide your wrinkles by partially paralyzing the face. However, it may make the skin prone to elasticity and resistant to wrinkles but the chances are bleak.

  • How long Botox/fillers can last? 

Most of the Botox and fillers injection lasts till 9-12 months. Also, it depends on where the injection is targeted on your face or body.


To conclude, the procedure of Botox and fillers are performed every year. They are safe if performed by experienced and certified dermatologists. These procedures are not meant for pregnant or breastfeeding women. But still, everyone should gather the knowledge before making any decision.